Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Cupcake Your World: Part Two

My Little Cupcake Shop

As the name of this blog suggests I am a fan of all things that evoke a sense of nostalgia towards childhood. In NYC this type of nostalgia has hit cult status with the springing up of several cutesy, vintage style bakeries, mostly selling cupcakes and “like-how-nana-used-to-make” style cakes. Namely establishments like Magnolia Bakery, Billy’s Bakery, Buttercup Bakeshop and Sugar Sweet Sunshine all have contributed to the cupcaking of New York. For me it showed that people still do long for things old-fashioned and homemade, and it’s nice to see that these memories can be revisited.

This full-blown cupcake fanaticism has yet to reach Sydney, if ever it does. But just the thought of going to a bakery and queueing for hours to buy something that could easily be made at home seems conflicting. For me most of the appeal comes out of making things myself, it feels more rewarding that way. But don't get me wrong I still enjoy the odd visit to Cupcakes on Pitt; and G can vouch for the sheer light-headedness I feel upon entering that shop and seeing the selection of cupcakes on offer.

In saying this is, I made a visit to another cute cupcake shop called
My Little Cupcake in Neutral Bay. They first grabbed my attention at last year's Spring Picnic with their bright pastel stand and the intoxicating aroma of vanilla wafting from it.

The shop is nestled amongst the residences on Ben Boyd Rd, so it is easy to overlook. After driving by it several times, I decided to just park my car and continue my search on foot. Not long, I catch sight of a cute striped awning looming in the distance and I wondered if that was it. I was right, the striped awning led me into a charming vintage style shop filled with shabby chic furniture and homewares. Most of the ceramic wares were from the irresistible
Robert Gordon collection.

My Little Cupcake Shop

The cupcakes, further into the store were displayed neatly behind a glass counter. The selection isn’t as extensive as that of Cupcakes on Pitt. My Little Cupcake specialises in Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream frosting. The only differences in the cupcakes are their size and colour. They come in an array of pastel colours topped with an edible sugar flower and you can choose from mini, small and large cupcakes. They also limit over the counter orders to a dozen, however you can pre-order if you want more.

My Little Cupcake

Although the flavours at M.L.C. are limited (to one) I much prefer their cupcakes to the ones at C.O.P. The M.L.C cupcakes are different as that the cakes are a lot denser and buttery; and also their vanilla buttercream frosting is much thicker and sweeter. I think for me the appeal comes mostly from their cute and delicate appearance and their buttery vanilla taste. I

imagine these cupcakes to be somewhat similar to the Magnolia and Billy’s Bakery- Vanilla, Vanilla cupcakes. If Sydney were to have a cupcake craze to match that of New York City's these two niche establishments would be its frontrunners.

My Little Cupcake
My Little Cupcake
62 Ben Boyd Rd,
Neutral Bay
Phone: (02) 9909 3908
(closed Monday and Sunday)


Kimmie said...

I love Magnolia Bakery in NYC and yes Tavalon Tea Shop is such a great place as well. I love that they have a lot of baked goods from local pastry shops! Thanks for checking out my blog and I will definately stop by more to see what yummie finds you will write about next.


jenjen said...

Kimmie- Thanks for stopping by, I seems to have a weakness for cupcakes, and I would definitely love to visit Magnolia Bakery someday.

mandy said...

There are quite a few new cupcake businesses popping up n Sydney, however they're all the same or similar. Do you know of anywhere that's different or unique (& not copied from overseas)? Thanks.