Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Gelato Saboteur

gelato  in a cup

Today I wallow in the miry pits of despair, floundering deeper and deeper into a miserable oblivion. Why all this melodrama you ask? Well I think all my theatrics is well warranted after you read about what happened to me today.

You see for weeks I have been excited about attending the
Gelato Appreciation Course with Gelatissimo, which is currently part of the Sydney Italian Festival. The past two weeks have been spent counting down how many more sleeps until the day. Well today the day did arrive only to be met, not with delight but with sheer disappointment. A phone call at 10am this morning from the fraud department of a certain bank alerted me to the fact that a hacker had infiltrated my online account and had basically cleaned out my savings account. Well maybe not cleanned out, they left $11.10 to tide me over for the next two weeks (see I get paid monthly!!!).

So now you can see why all this melodrama (I knew I should have made a booking!) I thought with two weeks before my next pay check, I should ration the little money I have for more important things like bills, food and my treasured
Compassion child in Africa. And with some measure of perspective, I know there are greater things in this world than gelato.

G’s attempt at consoling me by taking me to
Lello’s Gelateria in Parramatta was met with some resistance. I thought, “Do you really think taking me to a gelateria would compensate for the all-out gelato extravaganza I was so close to having?” Then after seeing the selection of flavours at Lello’s my cynicism slowly began to dissipate. I had the Mascarpone CaffĂ© and G got the Taro and the Mocha. Also to ease my sorrow, I am booking myself into Italianicious’ Gelato Appreciation Workshop in September. Only four months to go!

So to whoever you are out there spending my money, I hope you are enjoying it because as long as this earth remains there is a thing called seedtime and harvest and you will eventually reap what you sow. You should know better than to get between me and my gelato.

Lello's Gelato
318 Church St
Parramatta 2150
Phone: (02) 9687 7766


Su-Yin said...

OH NO!!I'm sorry to hear what happened.
don't worry...karma will catch up with him one day.
I'm thinking of joining you for that class in September :)

jenjen said...

Suyin- That would be awesome, the more the merrier I say!! Well as soon I get my finances back in order I am definitely booking it. I'll let you know when I do.

helen said...

What an awful thing to happen! Here's to karma, and just desserts! =)

jenjen said...

aye aye Helen! I guess there are worse things that could happen, if I look on the bright side of things.