Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Cupcake Your World: Part One

To date, I have probably visited Cupcakes on Pitt about six times. Two of those six times have been on a weekend and regrettably the shop was closed. Also those two times that I happened to frequent the closed shop, G had been with me. Although not a cupcake enthusiast, both those times he was not only disappointed by the “no-cupcake” fiasco but also by the fact that we had walked so eagerly all the way from Haymarket to Pitt St only to find the shop closed.

So after two failed attempts at sampling cupcakes G was determined and we came back for our third time together, a little disillusioned but nonetheless hopeful. Would they be open this time? Well today was in fact a weekday so I was quite certain they were open, as my successful visits in the past were on weekdays.

When we arrived it certainly did not disappoint, the shop front was filled with their usual array of goodies. Chocolate, Cherry, Peppermint, Vanilla, Strawberry, White Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, Honeycomb, Jaffa, Tiramisu, Passionfruit and Lemon Meringue cupcakes were all sitting ever so prettily in the window.

As a coffee lover G opted for the Tiramisu and I, having already tried many of their other exotic flavours opted for classic Vanilla. We also picked up a Lemon Meringue and a Strawberry to share with family members we were seeing later that afternoon. The cake was moist and spongy and the frosting light and not overly sweet. G’s curiosity for these cupcakes had finally been satiated. He and I are still partial to my own homemade cupcakes; biased I know, but at $3.50 a cupcake the effort of making them yourself is still well worth it. However it's nice to be able to get cupcakes while on the go. I asked the ladies working there if it was all right to take photographs of their lovely cupcakes and they happily consented. Apparently most carry out guerilla-style photography; running up to the shop front quickly snapping away at the cupcakes and then just dashing off. They said that they actually don’t mind people taking photographs of the cupcakes, although most people don’t ask. I’m glad I asked.

We ate our cupcakes while sitting in the small amphitheatre in Ewenton Park, Balmain admiring the view. I love Sydney.

Sydney from Balmain

Cupcakes on Pitt
Shop 2, 323 Pitt St, Sydney

(currently not open weekends)


linda said...

Hi Jenjen, just wanted to let you know that I tagged you for the recipe meme...

The cupcakes from Cupcakes on Pitt look great!

jenjen said...

Hi Linda, this is my first tag ever!! Thanks

Su-Yin said...

I've been there a couple of times. Its a quaint lil store. Love its location and the display window! The cupcakes are so pretty! They dont taste as good as they look though, I find them a tad bit dry; but that hasnt really stopped me from taking a cupcake home everytime i walk by! haha its so TEMPTING! I love the colours on their icing!

Audrey said...

Jenjen you are a woman after my own heart. I posted about this shop too
cupcake heaven

I just love their cupcakes. A real treat.

jenjen said...

Suyin- I agree the cupcakes although they look great are a little disappointing. I'll always prefer homemade ones if you ask me. But like you said it doesn't stop me buying one!

Audrey- Yes, I am sucker for anything small, cute and has lots of sugar!

swee said...

hrm, i should check out that store when i'm in sydney next month..

pinknest said...

that's so funny that people will surreptitiously photograph the cupcakes then split! lol!!