Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Good Living Pyrmont Growers' Market

Market Stalls

When you're in primary school the first day of the month usually means a pinch and a punch, but when you're a food lover, the first of the month ususally means that the Pyrmont Growers' Market is just around the corner. This was probably my tenth outing to these markets but my first one as a blogger so it was doubly exciting. Actually I went the month before, after deciding to start a blog although was too afraid to take photographs.

The markets happen on the first Saturday of every month, and this particular saturday the weather was cold and bleak. Although nothing stopped these Sydneysiders from sampling some of the finest produce the city had to offer. I arrived at the markets at around 8:30 and it was already bustling.
Helen from Grab Your Fork, already posted a lot of beautful photos from the markets (which funnily enough we have shots of exactly the same things!) but here's a few more for your perusal:

Punnets of strawberries from Rowan Farm Berries

breads la tartine
Stacks of organic sourdough breads from La Tartine.

manna fron heaven tarts
Open faced tarts from the lovely ladies of Manna From Heaven. I went home with three of their Apple and Cinnamon Madeleines and I have to say I have yet to taste better. They were little morsels of heaven!


Manna From Heaven cakes
More cute cakes from Manna Fron Heaven, including their famous Lemon Polenta Cakes (behind)

Ripe red tomatoes

aus farmhouse cheeses
Australian Farmouse Cheeses stall

Quail eggs from Redgate Frams

Kei's Kitchen Ginger

gympie butter
The ever so popular Gympie Cultured Butter stall. They also sell fresh buttermilk.

rosy glow
Rosy Glow Apples from Roche Bros. Rosy Glows are characterised by their sweetness.


honeycomb garlic
Fresh honeycomb and rows of garlic

simon johnson
Simon Johnson stall

potato sack dog
Robertson Potato Sack and a cute pooch happy to be at the markets.

Fresh vegies from Grima Produce

tea shack

Selection of teas from the Tea Shack

macadamia shortbread

I also came home with a handful of these Macadamia Shortbread cookies from the Ginger Brownie stand. Funnily enough all the things I went home with were baked goods, go figure.

Good Living Pyrmont Growers' Market
(every first Saturday of the month, except January)
Location: Pyrmont Bay Park
From: 7am - 11am
Phone: (02) 9282 3606

Remaining Dates for 2006:
July 1,
August 5, September 2, October 7, November 4, December 2


kestypes said...

Looks like you had fun.

Did you pick up any Gympie Farm Buttermilk?

Anonymous said...

Great pics, and lol, you were right--we did take very similar photos! It is nice to get another perspective though. Can't wait to see what you capture next week! =)

Jen said...

Kestypes- Actually I was early enough to score some buttermilk before they sold out, so I think I might bake with it this week.

Helen- Thanks. Yes I'm very excited.

archana said...

I am visiting your blog for the first time, what a treat !!! Nice photos, impressive write ups. Gooooood