Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Sydneyscapes II: The Rocks, Autumn

Bricks and Bars

The Rocks is a hauntingly interesting place that's steeped in history and the remnants of old Sydney town. A reminiscence of Sydney’s settlement in the late 1700’s, The Rocks was a melting pot of interesting characters at the time- from rough convicts, to drunken seafarers, gang members and European gentry, they all walked these cobblestone streets.

Now home to specialty shops, historic pubs, artisans and fine dining establishments, there is still a lingering sense of the past that pervades its surroundings. With many of the cobblestone-lined streets still intact and old sandstone facades still remaining, The Rocks is a treasure trove of photographic possibility.

All you need to do is open your eyes.

Into the Light



Telephone Booth

The Argyle

Autumn Leaves Fall

Historic Passages



Garrett said...

I am filled with jealousy...

Village Vegan said...

Just beautiful-- both Sydney and your photographs.

Helen said...

This is such an amazing treat to visit those places through your pictures.
Your photography is just stunning!