Monday, May 07, 2007

Sydneyscapes I: Vaucluse, Neilsen Park, Greycliffe House

Autumn Leaves

One of my favourite things to do on a sun-drenched Saturday afternoon is to take a stroll around the city and hone my skills at photography. It’s not too hard to find something to photograph in this pearl of a city; every corner turned there is something new to discover something new to appreciate.

Rather than seeing a run down wall as an hideous spectacle, what I love about taking pictures is the way it pushes and encourages you to find the beauty in everything, be it the rusty spires of an iron gate, the cracked paint on a well-weathered fence, a flickering traffic light or the undulating fa├žade of a rough sandstone wall. All of it is exquisite if you can look at it with eyes that are certain that most times beauty is veiled and needs to be uncovered and drawn out.

There is something that I find soulful about walking around the city by myself, armed with just my camera unearthing the very heart of why I love living here. For some it is music, others it is writing, for me it is this that refreshes me most.

Thanks Sydney, you provide me with so much inspiration; you are the best muse for any burgeoning photographer.


Nielsen Park Kiosk


Greycliffe House


Greycliffe House Archway

Neilsen Park Beach


Anonymous said...

Beautiful writing, beautiful photography. Thank you!

Coloribus said...

Good places, beautiful photographs :)