Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tag Dag: Confessions In Groups of Five

Ilva of the visually stunning blog Lucullian Delights has tagged me for the meme Confessions in Groups of Five. So to keep it short and sweet here it is, five things, five ways:

Five items in the freezer

Extremely overripe bananas, just waiting to be made into a a banana loaf!
A tub of Choc Peppermint Ice Cream
Basil and Kaffir Lime Leaves
Ready made puff pastry
5 whole Tilapias, fresh from the Philippines!

Five items in my closet
There are certainly more than five things in my closet but here it goes…
A gorgeous dress that G bought me from Seduce that has never been worn. Hopefully will be able to for a wedding in September.
My Year 12 high school blouse that I got signed by everyone in my graduating class
A million bags and purses that haven’t been used in years; time to donate them to St Vinnies!
A really cool pair of jeans by Francois Girbaud called Aviatrix Jeans.

My favourite coat, it’s the same kind that Paddington Bear wears but in black

Paddington bear

Five items in my car
A gazillion empty water bottles
Five cent pieces in the coin box
Petrol dockets
Jack’s accessory bag- water bowl, tennis balls, back seat mat, leash

Five items in my purse
My ipod, one of the best presents G has ever given me
Caboodles lip gloss, my favourite
A small heart mirror
A felt tip pen, my favourite to write with
My wallet, of course

Tag Five people
I’m not sure if you have already been tagged with this meme, but if you want to participate you may, but if not, no pressure.

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Ilva said...

Thanks, I had no idea that you can deepfreeze bananas! Nice meme!

Jen said...

Thanks ilva, yes I tend to have a habit of deep freezing things, my freezer is always full.