Thursday, June 22, 2006

Francois' Pastries, Pyrmont

Statue at Union St. Pyrmont

After we liberally satisfied our appetites at Milk and Two, we decided to walk off the extra few pounds we put on over lunch to a pastry shop on Union St. The irony; I know! The five-minute leisurely stroll allowed us to justify eating pastries, not that eating pastries required much justification, not for me that is.

The walk to the pastry shop also allowed us to bask in the sun-drenched streets of Pyrmont, which was surprisingly serene compared to the rest of the city. There is a small portion of Union St, in the Pyrmont Town Square, that somewhat reminds me of the book
Playing Beatie Bow. The surrounding buildings still bear the Victorian sandstone facades, thick wooden doors and blackened chimneys protruding from their rooftops. And although the square has been revamped it still carries the mood of this era.

This charming lane brought us to Francois’ Pastries. The patisserie is quite small, with only six small coffee tables. The corner extrance led us inside to a glass counter that was brimming with all sorts of cakes, tarts and breads from top to bottom, left to right. The mini tarts and slices were on the left while the bigger cakes and savouries were on the right. There were so many things for your perusal, and so much gastronomic possibilities to be had, that just deciding what to have seemed like a rather overwhelming prospect.

Mini Armandine Tart

After some time inspecting the counters we decided on the Mini Amandine Tart and the Mini Strawberry Tart. We thought that the mini tarts would be the way to go as the portions were managable. To go with our pastries G opted to have a large cappuccino, which he says is easily one of the best cups of coffee he has ever had. Also at $2.40, it was an absolute jaw-dropping bargain. I decided on the Rose Grey Tea; simply an Earl Grey Tea with rose infusions, which was refreshing and light.


The amandine tart was blissful. I have only tasted one other to rival this amandine and that was by Serge Dansereau of the Bather’s Pavilion, which was to my memory topped with mascarpone cream and macerated berries. The strawberry tart was also perfection, to say the least. The custard beneath the towering strawberries was as smooth as silk, and the crust was just the perfect buttery texture.

MIni Strawberry Tart

Aside from pastries Francois also sell quiches, pies and a variety of fruit and vegetable salads. But the pastries here are a standout, and with their extensive range you are left wanting more, and indeed we were. We ordered another tart each, to take away for later.

Empty Tart Case

It is definitely worth the return trip to sample their savouries. They had already run out of pies when we arrived late afternoon, but there are always a generous amount of sweets available. There are tarts, slices, crumbles and ├ęclairs in every possible flavour; definitely enough to satisfy the desires of any Francophile.

Francois' Patisserie, Union St, Pyrmont

Francois Pastries
Unit 3, 53 Union St
Pyrmont, NSW 2009
Phone: (02) 9660 9083


Anonymous said...

I just had to see where bananas were THAT expensive LOL...I hope they were organic.

Cheers from the Canadian Prairies, got here via the Quince...


PS Your blog is gorgeous! Hope you will stop by Veggies...too

Unknown said...

Hi Jen,
All your cupcake looks delicious. Mouth watering photos.
Thank you for visiting my blog and the kind words too. It is very encouraging. :-)


Joycelyn said...

hi, wow! what lovely treats for the sweet-toothed...that strawberry number looks especially enticing

jasmine said...

Hi JenJen

Thanks for visiting me!

Almandine tart...mmmmmm....


Jen said...

Geraldine- LOL i'm glad to see how the price of bananas brought you to my site.

Nila- Thank you for stopping. Yes I do have a thing for cupcakes. There will be more to come later on.

J- definitely for those who like their dessert. For me it was absolute heaven!

Jasmine- ditto that about the amandine tart : )