Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pit Stop: Ripples Cafe, North Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Have you noticed that weddings have become a considerable venture not only for those partaking in the nuptials themselves, but also for guests attending the wedding? There is the preparation of getting dressed, remembering directions, not forgetting the present, taking the camera, getting to the church before the bride, then getting to the reception afterwards. It is quite a scale of operations and that's speaking only for guests. Then there is the issue of what do to in the lull between the ceremony and reception. Whilst the bridal party are off happily getting their photographs taken and basking in the spill of marital euphoria, guests are haplessly left to ponder how to idle away the few hours in between. Catastrophic I know.

Luna Park Ferris Wheel

Herein lied our predicament Saturday afternoon, there were three hours to our leisure between ceremony and reception, so what do in those few hours? Since 2005 I have been to five weddings in total, and this year I am slated in for three so far. So for G and I, this quandary is quite genuine. One of the three weddings took place just last weekend, the reception was in North Sydney, so G and I decided to spend our time with another friend at Ripples Cafe. Located next to the North Sydney Olympic Pool and just a stone's throw away from Luna Park. The view at Ripples is bar none with the imposing structure of the Harbour Bridge close enough to touch. Ripples Cafe is the casual dining venture from the team responsible for Aqua Dining, located just on the other side of the pool.

Our party of three opted only for snacks so as not to divert our focus on what was ahead- a three course dinner at Bel Paese.
Turkish Bread and Dips
grilled turkish bread, baba ghanoush, tapenade and pesto $8.50
Chocolate and Honeycomb Cheesecake with Fairy Floss
chris's famous chocolate and honeycomb cheesecake, fairy floss $12.00
Hot Chips Coffee
hot chips $5.50; cappuccino $3.50; spicy fruit blush and peppermint teas $3.50 (not pictured)

Ripples Cafe

Ripples has to be one of my favourite cafe experiences. The service was friendly and accomodating and the menu equally great. We didn't have the opportunity of taste their main courses but from what they looked like, I have a suspicion they are delicious. We will definitely be making another trip here for either breakfast or dinner. Also it's hard to beat that view.

Ripples Serves Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. and is open 7 days from 8am to 9:30 pm.

Ripples Cafe
Ripples Café
Olympic Drive
Milsons Point, NSW 2061


cin said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, JJ. I agree that it can be difficult to fill the time in between the ceremony and the reception, especially if it's being held some distance away from your home. This place looks lovely tho'.

jenjen said...

Cin- yeah this place was very lovely, I am looking forward to going back and trying out their breakfast, lunch and dinner menu!! Someday. They serve the dishes in really creative ways which always gets me interested.
Thanks for visiting!

Rachael said...

Okay, I am So glad you left a comment on my blog because if you hadn't who knows how much longer I would have gone without every knowing what Fairy Floss looks like! Amazing. THAT and I love, love LOVE your site! The photos are beyond beautiful.

your new biggest fan,