Monday, May 22, 2006

Got Eggs?


One thing that has irked me in the past are the price of eggs. Yes that's right. Well you might ask what the price of eggs has got to do with anything. Well eggs are one of those versatile ingredients essential to any kitchen; it's necessary for anything between an omelette to a crème brulee. So in essence the point that I’m trying to make is that eggs are a must-have in your kitchen. That said there are so many different ways in which you can get your eggs that it can be rather bewildering standing in front of a selection of eggs at your local supermarket. You can get them, caged, free-range, free-run, vitamin enhanced, biodynamic, organic, Omega-3 enriched to name a handful.

Not only can I be rather bemused by the expansive assortment of the humble egg but the scope in prices also leave me somewhat hoodwinked. I sincerely do want to reach for the healthy and ethical tray of organic free-range eggs but having to fork out $9 for a dozen seems a little like highway robbery. And the $4.30 trays of extra-large caged eggs are starting to look like the better option financially. I’m know there are some honest and justifiable reasons as to why these eggs are so darn expensive, one being that keeping these chicken alive in an ethically acceptable manner and feeding them certified organic feed takes some dosh. But I think I must come to a resolve that I am tightfisted when it comes to eggs.

However, as an animal lover thinking about those poor hens in those cramped cages is reason enough for me to shell out $9 for a dozen that came from chickens living and laying eggs in clean spacious quarters. What price can I put on my health and peace of mind?

In saying this, the first thing I made with my Organic Bio-dynamic Free-Range eggs was a soft boiled egg, served with sprouted wholegrain bread. Healthy or what?


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