Wednesday, May 02, 2007

365, not such a big number


It's been 365 days since my first ever Milk and Cookies post, which means that my blog has just turned 1 year old!

I am notorious for missing birthdays, ecpecially those of close friends and loved ones. And since this blog is very dear to me, it would only be right that I would only realise it has turned 1 year old the day of its actual birthday. So I'm sorry poor little blog, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I can't believe that after 1 year and 165 posts later, I am still here raving and ranting about the things I put into my mouth or rather, the things I make my family and friends put into their mouths. And ever since this very first post, who knew that I would keep going and survive it, a year on, still baking and still eating a bevvy of sugary treats. It's a wonder how my waistline has survived such a sugar hit over the past 12 months!

And I must say the most marked difference from this post and the more recent ones is how my photography has improved. You might be enjoying the ones I take now, but if you have a look at earlier posts, you wouldn't exactly consider them to be eye candy. Not one to toot my own horn, but this first photograph I took of Ginger Cookies, looks so appaling in comparison to newer photographs that it actually makes me cringe.

It's only thanks to my photographer buddies and of course the community of food bloggers who have been so helpful in pushing and nurturing those latent photographic skills; it was all in there somewhere, it just had to be squeezed out. Not only have I found a passion for food, but also one for photography.

I still can't believe that when I first started this blog, that making it 365 days later would even be possible but here I am exactly a year on and still loving it. I can attribute it mostly to the support I have experienced from all of my readers that continue to frequent this blog. I am still quite shocked and at the same time eternally grateful that you stop by at all. So THANK YOU.

Now, there's still a long way to go in terms of baking, blogging and photography skills, but I am glad to have had the courage to take the initial step and forge the way ahead. Personally I have learned so much and gained so much from this whole experience and excercise of blogging. And not to mention the handful of amazing people I have met along the way.

No doubt I will encounter more and hopefully accomplish more, but it's always nice to see yourself doing something you have always wanted to do and not just talk about something you've always wanted to do, which I know I've been guily of many times. So here's to turning ambitions into reality!

As for the cake pictured above, it's a Lumberjack Cake, I made this cake some weeks ago but never posted about it for some reason. I guess fate would have it that I would need a photo of a cake that spelled out celebration and there it would be just waiting to be used.

Lumberjack Cake recipe coming next!


fanny said...

Happy Birthday to milk and cookies.
Jen i just love your blog. And the funniest thing is that the 2nd of may also happens to be my birthday!!

- fanny

Meeta said...

Happy Blog Birtheday Jen! I love your recipes and photography too. Great job!

Ninnie said...

Happy birthday to your blog. Likewise about the pictures before and now. :-)

Inne said...

happy birth-blog-day milk & cookies! Looking forward to reading what you'll be baking and making in the coming year.

Shawnda said...

Happy Birthday Milk and Cookies! Celebrate with cake :)

Cookie baker Lynn said...

Happy Birthday, Milk and Cookies. You have a wonderful blog, Jen, and I look forward to sharing your culinary achievements and beautiful photography in the future.

Alessandra said...

Happy Birthday to you! Wonderful pages, photos and recipes!


Oh for the love of food! said...

Happy 1st Birthday, Milk and Cookies! I have really enjoyed reading your blog and trying out your wonderful recipes, Jen-Jen. Here's looking forward to another great 365 days of beautiful posts from you!

swee said...

Happy Birthday to ur blog! Love ur writings and gorgeous photography!
Cheers =)

Cheryl said...

Happy blogging birthday! Your site is one of my alltime favorites.

Patricia Scarpin said...

Happy birthday to your blog, Jenjen!
I love your recipes and photos, I've made some of them and the results were fantastic.

Thank you for sharing so much with us.

gilly said...

Happy Blog Birthday, Jen! Here's to the next 365 delicious days!

Fabien said...

Happy Birthday!
Hey, you know what? It's my blog-birthday too!!!

Happy birthday to us!

H. Augustina said...

Congratulations and happy blog-birthday!
I enjoy visiting your site often. You have wonderful photographs and recipes.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Jen, on a great blog. Have you thought of posting some photography tips (for those like me whose photos all look like your earliest one!) Keep up the good work.
PS: For a nice birthday cake, try Adrian Zumbo in Balmain (opp. Victoire). The most delish and photo-worthy cakes!

chocolatesuze said...

heeeey dude happy blog birthday!

Anonymous said...

apologies to all the other great aussie foodie blogs out there - but I think milkandcookies is the best of them all!

insanely great photography has me dribbling on my keyboard every time, and brilliant wordsmithing just draws me in. as always with jen, it's not just about the food - but the story behind it that makes it so interesting.

thanks for always brightening my day when i see my little rss feed light up with a new milkandcookies post!


Francesca said...

best complimentis for your fist blogbirthday. Your blog is wonderful. Bye from Rome

joey said...

Happy Blog Birthday Milk and Cookies! I look forward to reading another year of great posts :)

Cake looks tasty! :)

catalyst0527 said...

Happy Birthday to Milk and Cookies!
I like the pictures of your blog(and writing also). :)

Anonymous said...

mmmmm cok guzelllll happy birthday


Brilynn said...

Happy Blog Birthday!
I always love the fun and beautiful recipes you post.

renee said...

happy birthday milk and cookies! i am often inspired by your recipes. you go!

didally said...

Happy One year old, Milk and Cookies.

I first chanced upon this blog when I saw looking for carrot cake recipe and found your carrot cake cookies which I thought was very unique.

Can see the tremendous improvement in your photography. Thanks for sharing the nice recipes and photos.


Helen said...

Wow, it's been a year already? I remember how your writing and photography gave me the confidence that I could do it too. My favorite photogrpah remain the one of the Fortune Cookies you made for SHF Surprise inside...I look at eat every so often!
Keep writing and loving life like you do!

Peabody said...

Happy blog birthday.

jenjen said...

Awww. Thanks everyone for your nice comments and birthday wishes. It made the blog feel very warm and fuzzy inside.