Friday, February 02, 2007

Weird Things About How I Eat and What's in My Trolley?

If you are one of the several bloggers who have tagged me for a meme then wondered whatever happened to the response, then all I have to say is that I am sorry. I do eventually get around to them, but it just takes me a while. What happens is that I get tagged, then I completely forget about it, then through some random spurt of memory recollection I remember that I promised someone a while ago that I was going to do a meme.

Well to kill two birds in one stone, here is a meme that Marce of Pip In The City tagged me with some time ago: 6 food oddities about myself and an event that I assured Rachel at Food Maven I was going to join, but never did called What's In Your Basket? So here they are:

allium cepa: the onion


First of all, for most people that have known me for sometime, seeing the word food so close to my name is an oddity in itself. It was well renown that I liked to eat, although my reputation never went as far as being known to enjoy making food and especially to the point of gushing profusely about things like the discovery of wattleseed, the appearance of the season's first asparagus and things of that sort. Although I have been at this blog for almost a year, this food thing is a relatively new distraction. But here are six other idosyncrasies I have with food.

1. I have an ambiguous relationship with onions. I hate them raw, I hate them half cooked and I hate the crunching sound they make in my mouth when they aren't cooked all the way through. That said, I do love how they smell and I am not opposed to eating them when they are cooked completely, thus rendering them crunch-less.

I suppose that it is the crunching noise they make when I eat them because I have to say that the same goes with raw celery. You will never catch me gnawing on a raw stalk of celery, even if it was smothered in peanut butter.

2. Simply put, I cannot abide by coleslaw and think that it should be outlawed.

3. I am quite happy to drive an hour from home to have a nice big breakfast although I will refuse to make one myself at home, even though this would probably require less effort and expense. To me Eggs Benedict always seems to taste better when eaten somewhere that is not your own home.

This might come as a shock to you because I’m Asian, but I don't like Asian desserts. Call me a traitor but I just don’t get them. The combination of beans, jelly, tapioca and condensed milk just doesn’t sound tempting to me and I cannot bring myself to eat anything that has the work mung, moon or lotus in its name.

5. I've eaten SPAM, enough said.

6. I am allergic to all types of melons; watermelon, rock melon (cantaloupe), honeydew, you name it, if it's a melon, I can't stand it. They make the inside of my mouth and my throat really itchy to the point that I will scratch my neck in a vain attempt to soothe my itchy throat only to have it look like I have severe sunburn on my neck. I was never always allergic to such fruits, although I found this out when I was 12 and at a friends party and was whole-handedly polishing of the fruit platter consisting mostly of melon fruits.

Let's just say I missed out on playing pin the tail on the donkey as my mum had to come and pick me up.



Here's what I bought at my local IGA...
1. Clementines
2. Asparagus
3. Buttermilk
4. King Island Vanilla Yoghurt
5. Yellow Squash
6. Baby Carrots
7. Baby Beetroot
8. Trocomare
9. Medjool Dates
(not pictured)
10. Waffle Cones
11. Butter
12. Button Mushrooms
13. Lindt 70% cacao Chocolate
14. Yakult
15. Lemons

TOTAL: $59.47


bea at la tartine gourmande said...

Fun list JenJen. You use the same salt as me ;-) I use the green one too!

Marce said...

Thanks for replying, definitely better late than never.
I´m with you when it comes to raw onions, though a family story says I ate raw onions as if they were apples when I was 2 or so, yuck!!! my poor parents, that must have been some very nice breath!
I´ve never tried Asian desserts, but I don´t get the whole beans in sweets thing either, it seems pretty blah, but I´m open to I try them someday.

wheresmymind said...

I agree with #3 when it comes to grilled cheese sandwiches!

Kristen said...

I've eaten SPAM too, and it is too traumatic to talk about :)

Helene said...

I admit I had to Google "yakult"...sounds interesting!
Fun memes!

Kat O+ said...

Ah, Yakult and SPAM. Brings back childhood memories... :-)

Eva said...

Nice list - I'm not fond of Asian desserts either but coming from Europe that's hardly surprising. Just one question: What do you do with yellow squash? I always thought that's just to decorate the vegetable patch in your garden... But now I've seen it in supermarkets. Obviously it is meant to be eaten...

Jessica said...

I've eaten spam too but not really allergic too melons..i freak out on them.Nice blog!!Cheers!!Jessica

sunthing said...

Hello,I really loved your photos, they are so beautiful and bright. Can i learn the brand and the model of the camera you use?

Susan said...

You are so right about the raw onions; but when caramelized, I simply adore them.

I absolutely love Medjools--I just posted about them!

aria said...

ohno no melons! i cqnt have shrimp or lobster, sniff.

i'm with u on the breakfast's always better out.

jenjen said...

Bea- I love both the Trocomare and the Herbamare seasonings. They are great when you are in a hurry.

Marce- I'm so glad you didn't think I forgot all about it and I'm glad that someone else is with me on this whole onion thing.

Wheresmymind- It's nice to see that it isn't just me that's willing to go out for the simplest of foods.

Kristen- I think things like SPAM should be illegal or something. It's just altogether wrong.

Helene- It actually doesn't sound very apetising, although growing up in Asia, I was accustomed to drinking it. If you are feeling adventurous and very healthy, you should give it a go.

Kat o+- you must have grown up in the same neighbourhod as me : )

Eva- With yellow squash, I sometime blanch them or bake them with some other roasted vegetables. They are very nice.

Jessica- Thanks!

Sunthing- Thanks, I use a Canon EOS 300D.

Susan- Oh yes, when caramelised, I could probably eat a whole onion's worth, but raw or half cooked they are yuck!
I am still finding something to do with my medjools, besides just eat that is.

Aria- Oh I feel for you about the whole shellfish thing. I have to say that missing out on melons isn't too bad.