Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Where I've Been...


DISCLAIMER: This post has nothing to with food, unless you consider the baby farm animals as potential food products.

If you have been wondering where I’ve been over the weekend (or didn’t even know I was gone), well here’s where we went- to the zoo! We flew to Brisbane and drove 45 minutes to the famous
Australia Zoo. It seems almost criminal leaving the state while Good Food Month is taking place, but any excuse to hop on a plane and do some travelling always wins me over. Especially when there are cute animals involved!

The zoo, has to one of the best I have ever been to, I have never seen a happier bunch of creatures. Some animals are even allowed to roam the zoo freely, uncaged. And for the more ferocious, man-eating types, some are surprisingly let out while accompanied by keepers. The animals and keepers roam the precinct and allow visitors to get a closer look without, well getting eaten by the animals. Here are a few photographs of how our day ensued.

Lizard roams free
These lizards were found everywhere around the zoo. They are obviously harmless.

Walking the dingoes

A large python
I'm glad this python was not freely roaming the zoo.

And the same goes for this crocodile. I'm glad he had an enclosure because those jaws are strong enough to chop your limbs off.

Popular Bimbo the Elephant
Bimbo is one popular elephant. Feeding them is one of the main attractions at the zoo.

Sabu at Feeding time
I took this photo while feeding Sabu some sweet potatoes. Her trunk is a like a rubbery vaccuum hose.

a friendly goat
And being the big kids that we were, we made out way to the Kid's Zoo.

Jessie the Piglet
Jessie the piglet waits in eager anticipation for me to bring her milk bottle.

Sammy the goat during feeding time
G comes to the rescue when it's Sammy the goat's feeding time.

There were also a lot of sleepy heads at the zoo. Like these Tasmanian Devils about to take a nap (below).

Tasmanaian Devils Asleep

Mr. Wombat was woken up by noisy children and decides to pose for some shots.

Red Kangaroo
There was no waking this sleepy-eyed red kangaroo no matter how many people came to pat him.

Cuddly Koala
Who could resist the charms of this cute marsupial. He was a little camera shy.

Cheetah with keeper
Not one to shy away from attention was this stuningly reclined cheetah. Another one of the many animals allowed out of their enclosure.

This dingo has had enough of his picture being taken and retreats back to his grassy knoll with the keepers.


Ellie said...

So much cuteness! I've got a soft spot for dingoes, and those ones look so cuddly! I can't believe the cheetah went walkies outside of its enclosure, must have been pretty tame!

Guru said...

Oooooh! I´m in love with the koala!

wheresmymind said...

Where's coco??? I though you would've got a pic with him and some of his monkay friends :D

Lea said...

fun fun! cheetahs are such wonderfully docile big cats... I liken them more to a large dog than a cat. Did you know that their claws do not retract.. and that they do not roar, but bark (or chirp) like a dog! =)

Orchidea said...

The koala is so cute... and the kangaroo too.

Sara said...

That zoo looks sensational, lucky you. And the koala! So cute!

peabody said...

Wombats...I love wombats....they are my favorite animal and we don't even have them here. :(

ilingc said...

Wow! That waterfall pic is beautiful! I spent a good 10 minutes trying to figure out what your hand was holding. :D

Your photos remind me of when I went to the Night Safari in Singapore a few years ago. They've got the same concept as Australia Zoo except the animals are all asleep when the tour is on so you don't get up close and personal with the animals. Oh and they ferry you around in one of those buggy trains.

Seriously, those are great photos especially the one of the cheetah. They're so cool and.. scary!

jenjen said...

Ellie- I wish I could have taken them home! And there was also a baby wombat following his mum around that was so cute as well.

Guru- I know what you mean, they are so cuddly and adorable.

wheresmymind- Sadly there were no monkeys at the zoo... it was probably the only thing I would have changed, but other than that it was great.
Cocoa unfortunately had to stay home and housesit, he has a fear of flying.

Lea- I did not know that, but I guess it would help them grip their paws when running real fast. So it makes sense. And thanks for the wildlife trivia!

Orchiea- I know, it was great that we actually go to pat them and cuddle them.

Sara- Had to be one of the cleanest and most happy zoos I have been to. The animals are treated so well and its more of a sanctuary than a zoo.

Peabody- Yep, wombats are native only to Australia. We are so lucky to have such unique fauna here. They are too cute, especially the babies!

Ilingc- Oh it was just the camera. I was trying not to get the reflection in the shot but it actually looks prety cool.

Wow a night zoo, I think Taronga zoo in Sydney does something like that in the summer where you can actually camp on the grounds... not sure though.