Friday, August 11, 2006

It's Here


Some time ago, a lovely lady from Germany named Meeta had a marvellous idea for an event where people around the world sent each other postcards; she aptly named it Blogger Postcards from the World. I thought this was such an inspired thought that I decided to participate, and in fact many other bloggers decided to join in on the fun.
The premise was simple; to send a blogger that you have been allocated a postcard, and then wait to receive one yourself. Somewhat like a global
kris kringle.

I promptly
sent mine off to Ulrike in Germany, and was delighted to receive a postcard from yet another German. This time my postcard came from Petra of Chili and Ciabatta. This was probably the only time I have ever lamented the fact that I don’t know German, as both these blogs are written in German.

Petra sent me a picturesque postcard of her birthplace
Tübingen, in the south of Germany. The postcard now lives on my wall, pegged up with other beautiful pictures from around the world.



wheresmymind said...

Great line "This was probably the only time I have ever lamented the fact that I don’t know German" I read Ulrike's blog can translate via google or bablefish! :D Mostly works...mostly ;)

ostwestwind said...

I've also some posts written in English and on the right sidebar in "Menü" there are "Recipes in English". The google and babelfish translate "Rezept" to perscription which doesn't make sense in cooking ;-)

Sara said...

What a beautiful card.

Tanna said...

What a fun event this was.
You got a really great card!

Helene said...

I feel so dumb for missing this event. Hoping there will be a next time.

Ellie said...

That is a gorgeous card! Hurrah for the postcards event :D

K & S said...

nice card! will also print out your orange scones recipe to try.