Sunday, November 05, 2006

Good Living Pyrmont Grower's Market


Somehow the sight of grey clouds blanketing our usually blue sky gives me the permission to stay in bed and well under cover. A grey day just brings out the lazy in me and I have never been one to be sprightly first thing in the morning. It’s bad enough trying to get me out of bed on a fine day let alone a dreary one. So when the drab morning of the Pyrmont Grower’s Market rolled by yesterday, I reluctantly peered out from the covers, wisely deduced that it would be more favourable to stay indoors and resumed my snooze position. Outside it was wet, cold and miserable. Where did spring go? She came in with such a bang. And to add to my misery, I didn’t have the benefit of an “assistant” like I did last month.

So after a brief pep talk from G about how these markets only come around every month and that I would regret not going later, yada yada yada; I reluctantly got out of bed put on my comfy Chucks and made the trek to Pyrmont. The markets were no where near as crammed as
last month, but there certainly was an ample turnout considering the weather. Aside from the usual stallholders, Justin North and Joanna Savill were also there doing cooking demonstrations, although I didn't stop long to watch. Aside from the bad weather, all the great things about the markets were still there; the atmosphere, although a little wetter was still thriving.

Shepherd's Bakehouse Sourdoughs
Shepherd's Bakehouse sourdoughs proudly on display

Simon Johnson cheeses
Simon Johnson fine cheeses

First season cherries!
The season's first cherries!

Edmundi Smokehouse samples
Yes please!Free samples from Edmundi Smokehouse.

La Tartine stall
Certified organic sourdoughs from La Tartine. The ones on the right are their fruit loaves, they have huge chunks of whole dates and nuts!

A stack of Barrington beef
Someone is buying this whole stack of Barrington Beef.


Consummate stall
One of my favourite stalls, Consummate. Of course they sell breads, cakes and pastries, just my kind of thing. I cannot go to the markets without leaving with some of their gorgeous Olive Flatbead.

Wagyu Beef pies
Delicious Wagyu beef pies

Heaven's Leaven
Heaven's Leaven assorted baked goods

Pet food stall
A staple at these markets for our furry friends. A guide dog gets treated to whatever his puppy dog nose finds by his master at the Pet Food stall. Life doesn't get better for this helpful pooch.

Christmas ham
Slicing up some Christmas ham. Is it that time of year already?

Gympie Farm Dairy stall
I love taking photos of the Gympie Farm stall. There is always a buzz about it with the never ending oohs and aahs from admiring taste testers. Their
butter is to die for.

Gympie Farm creme fraiche
Aside from their cultured butter and assorted cheeses, Gympie Farm sell some exceptional creme fraiche. This I could eat by the spoonful.

Chorizos. I overheard an elderly man telling his other elderly friend that these were the sausages you were only to eat at breakfast. The other friend nodded, although was a little confused. It was very cute.

The last Pyrmont Grower's Market for the year will be on December 2 (my birthday)!! I probably won't be able to make it, but I sure hope you can.


plum said...

Aah, we all slept in yesterday and I just couldn't face going to one of my favourite farmer's markets when I realised it was so late I'd wind up circling for a parking spot and then fighting through the crowds. But these photos make me wish I had (although this one's in Melbourne!).

lobstersquad said...

Jenjen, I think the Sydney board of tourism should give you a medal. I so want to go, every single time I open your blog.

Anonymous said...

There seem to be so many wonderful finds in that market.

It's getting so cold here that the duvet always wins in the weekend mornings. Shows how lazy i am, doesn't it? lol.

Jen said...

Plum- I totally understand, It takes me so long to find parking at these markets too and sometimes it takes such an effort to even get there. That's why I always get a ton of pastries to make it worth my while.

Helen- I know what you mean, it was so hard to get up and living 30 minutes away made it even more of a trek for a saturday morning.

And yes! Those pretty peaches looked so irresistable. A photo-op if there ever was one.

Lobstersquad- Thanks, that's very nice of you. I think I could do with say, a free trip to somewhere in the country : )
Whatever you do, you must come here very soon and you must let me know!!

Mae- It's truly a foodie's treasure trove. No matter what month there is always something new and exciting.

Don't worry I have been lazy moretimes than I was diligent in getting up for the Saturday markets. Weekends were really made for sleeping in.

Anonymous said...

love the peaches afraid I was lazy and gave the markets a miss this month...thanks for making me feel like I didn't miss out completely

L Vanel said...

That is one great looking market. I especially love your blue chese photo, Jen. It conveys a lot of information while at the same time it is very simple. Thank you for this post!

ChrisB said...

What a wonderful market you have. Love the photos. We do have a small weekly market in Bristol UK but it is limited.

wheresmymind said...

I love good farmers markets...wish we had more of them around here