Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Spring Pick-i-nik


The Spring Picnic unfortunately failed to bring in the spring weather last Sunday as the sun played peek-a-boo all day during the annual picnic at Centennial Park. The sun might not have arrived but after seeing the selection of food on offer, who was I to complain? We arrived at the Brazillian Fields where the picnic was taking place and was amazed at how empty the place looked in comparison to last year's Spring Picnic which seemed almost hellish to manouver around. Perhaps it was because the stalls were staggered in two separate sections or perhaps it was the weather or even possibly the fact that we had arrived relatively early.

Whatever factor it was that contributed to the seemingly less crowded picnic, I was elated to the be able to navigate my way from stall to stall without having to jostle for pole position when taking photographs. The lines were not at all like they were last year, where the queue for Wagyu steak sandwiches snaked almost halfway down the length of the field. Learning from past experience G and I brought our pick-i-nik rug as that last year there were no available tables. However we were even more delighted to get a call from some friends that had staked the place out early and managed to score a table fairly early. And besides, there were still hoardes of empty tables when we got there, where was everyone?

Despite the picnic seeming all too quiet, the day spent outdoors with good food, wine and friends was nothing to be complaining about. And as one who has a special loathing when it comes to crowds, I was more than happy to have the Spring Picnic all to myself.

Hontou stall

Hontou Cakes
Hontou pancakes in the making

Beb's Patisserie
Beb's Patisserie

Noodle Man
Man working the busy noodle stand

Ice Shaving Contraption
An ice shaving contraption

Profiteroles and Dutch Pancakes
Dutch Pancakes stall

My Little Cupcake
My Little Cupcake stand


Mojo Picon Man
Working the grill at Mojo Picon

Mojo Picon Chorizo
Chorizos at Mojo Picon

Mojo Picon Stall
The busy Mojo Picon stall

Mojo Picon Prawns
Sizzling prawns

Mojo Picon Prawn Roll
After the long wait... G finally gets his Mojo Picon Prawn Roll

Edmundi Smokehouse Chalkboard
Edmundi Smokehouse chalkboard menu

Edmundi Smokehouse Smoked Ribs
Edmundi Smokehouse juicy smoked BBQ ribs with creole

Line for Hot Chocolate and Coffee
The line for Mayan Cofee and Xocolat

Venison Pies and Rolls
Venison pies and rolls

Pat & Stick's Ice Cream Sandwich Almond lace and Mocha Ice Cream
For dessert, Pat & Stick's Almond Lace, a sideview

Pat & Stick's Icea Cream Sandwich Almond Lace and Mocha Ice Cream
The Almond Lace from above, almond biscuit with mocha ice cream

Brown Brothers
Brown Borthers dessert wine
Dolcetto and Syrah

Japan Pancake
Japan Pancake

The Spring Picnic is an annual event hosted during the month of October for Sydney Morning Herald's Good Food Month.

Need more of Good Food Month? Check out Rebecca Cucina's weekly round up here.


Bonnie said...

All I can say on this one, Jen, is YUM!

Edith said...

So much goodies to choose from. yum yum.

wheresmymind said...

I would really like some busy noodles!

Julia said...

wow - what a nice day and variety of great food...!!
Those cupcakes and Dutch poffertjes(!) – Dutch pancakes, pannenkoeken, are actually bigger and thinner... - =)
Everything looks delicious, very nice pictures...!

Helene said...

Wow! I really wish we had such a picnic!
I am drooling over that pastry display! Oh and that BBQ plate! Oh and that lace cookie ice cream sandwich!

ilingc said...

Looks like a fabulous food fest! That my little cup cake shop, is that the one from Neutral bay or something??

nikcreate said...

wow the almond lace looks yummy!

Jen said...

Bonnie- If there was one word that would describe the whole day it would have to be YUM!

If you were ever to come back for a holiday, you need to come during October!

Precious Moments- Oh it was so hard just choosing something to eat for lunch, and then it became even harder for dessert as I just wanted a bit of everything!

wheresmymind- Busy noodles are the best kind, especially for those cheeky little monkeys out there : )

Julia- It was a lovely day indeed. I didn't know that the Dutch pancakes are actually different to yours. I will just have to go to the Netherlands to find out how the real ones taste like!

Helene- There were so many pastries and desserts to choose from I was almost delirious. I opted for the ice cream sandwich in the end, but boy did it take long to make a decision!

Ilingc- yes that is the one. I have noticed that they are here every Spring Picnic.

I love their cupcakes more than Cupcakes on Pitt, but they can still be very sweet.

Sweetpleasures- It was absolutely divine.

lobstersquad said...

that´s it, I´m officially moving to Sydney. so jealous.