Monday, October 09, 2006

Good Living Pyrmont Grower's Market October: Part 2


As promised here are more photos from the recent Good Living Pyrmont Grower's Market. I went just a little snap-happy; as you can see there is a photo of everyone and everything from the markets. This puppy dog was one of our highlights at the market. His owner who is sitting on the right reading a newspaper had just bought this little doggie a bone from the pet food stall. However, he was more interested in the paper bag it came in and we watched with such delight as he proceeded to shred the bag to pieces with such vigour and gusto. I guess a brown paper bag is as impressive as you make it. We later saw the same puppy drinking out of the flower pots at a florist's stall while his master was chatting to the owners. Oh the fervour of the innocent!

Anyway, be it puppy dogs, cheese, fruits and oil, they abounded in all forms at the markets. Here are the rest of the photos I took.

Cheese from Formagi Ocello (one of my favourite stalls)

Vibrant red strawberries from Rowan Farms.

The best ice cream sandwiches from Pat and Stick's

Tubs of honey from Australian Honey Cellars

The Little General Olive Oil (I've noticed the real-life Little General is always present at every market outing, chit-chatting to customers and working to crowd, he's great)


The constantly busy Gympie Farm stall



Willowbrae Chevre samples- Goat's curd (left), Olive Roulade (right)

An assortment of cookies and bars from Whisk and Pin

Soy and Linseed Bread from Consummate

Roche Bros Pink Lady Apples


Bonnie said...

Amazing photos, as always Jen - I really think that your photos are the only ones that make me miss home...

Julie said...

This market looks wonderful. I wish I had something like it in my area (South Florida). I want to go to the Whisk and Pin!

wheresmymind said...

Who doesn't love playing with a paper bag??? hehe

Brilynn said...

There are just so many great things to find at markets, I wish I could do all my shopping there.

Helene said...

I am dreaming of a Farmer's MArket like this, I would buy one of everything! I so need to come and visit.

Helen (AugustusGloop) said...

More lovely photos! We really are spoilt for visuals this month.

I love the butter stall photo. So much action and atmosphere of anticipation. And their butter is truly divine too. They should sell it with an accompanying spoon :)

Jann said...

What a great looking julie says, we don't have this in Florida!

Julia said...

Lovely photos - I adore these markets!

L Vanel said...

What a great market. I really loved seeing it.

Jen said...

Bonnie- Thank You! I'm glad that I was able to capture Sydney for you. There really is no place like home...that is if your home is Sydney : )

Julie- Whisk and Pin are wonderful, they have an assortment of meuslis and pancakes mixes as well. But you cannot beat their melt-in-your-mouth shortbreads.

wheresmymind- Looks like your little secret is out... I know what i'll be getting you for Christmas!

Brilynn- It's got to be one of my highlights every month. Sometimes I will put off buying things if I know that the markets are soon.

Helene- yes yes yes, and don't forget to bring your beautiful pastries with you : )

Helen (AG)- Yes, I kind of went crazy with the photos this month. I have my trusty market assistant to thank for that. I won't have him next month unfortunately.

Jann- Then you will just have to come and visit us in Sydney, won't you? I promise you, you will love it here.

Julie- We are just so lucky here is Sydney aren't we?

L vanel- I'm so glad I could share it with you.