Friday, June 23, 2006

Pastries in the Park: More of Francois' Pastries

Pyrmont Park

Three posts later, our gastronomic outing at Pyrmont still doesn't end. After a hearty lunch at Milk and Two, and coffee, tea and pastries at Francois’, we astonishingly still had room in our expanding bellies for some more dessert. The amount of food I was able to consume that day, would have been enough to feed an entire football team! People have heard of second breakfast, well this was second dessert. As I mentioned in my previous post, G and I each bought some more pastries after eating in at Francois’ Patisserie. We leisurely walked back down Harris St and moseyed on down to Pyrmont Point Park, to enjoy what was left of the afternoon.

Pyrmont Park

The park was virtually empty except for a lone cyclist taking a breather and a couple of familles playing catch on the grass. Situated along the harbour, across from Balmain, Pyrmont Point Park gives you uninterrupted water views, where you’re able to spy both the Anzac and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. There is a boardwalk that meanders along the water and this is where G, the pastries and I walked down until we reached the end.

At the end of the boardwalk we came across an interesting piece of artwork/sculpture. The contraption consisted of seven large red ladders that were suspended over the water and would bob up and down with the tide. It was quite hypnotic to watch, seeingthe ladders move up and down and swivel around as it swayed with the water. We were enjoying the view and each other’s company so much that we almost forgot about the pastries. But luckily one of us remembered the poor little things in the paper bag just waiting to be devoured. The first was a Mini Pear and Ricotta Tart and the other was an Apple and Rhubarb Slice. Not being a rhubarb enthusiast, I opted for the pear and ricotta.

Mini Pear and Ricotta Tart

Mini Apple and Rhubarb Tart

The Pear and Ricotta was smooth, sweet and buttery; it tickled my tastebuds. G, who had the Apple and Rhubarb stated that the rhubarb's tartness was offset perfectly by the sweetness of the apple; it was a perfect harmony of flavours.I cannot emphasise how good Francois’ pastries are. Each one is a delight to behold and even more so to consume. As one who loves her dessert, this place will be a staple.

Leaving Park

Pirrama Rd; in the car on our traverse home. Fully satisfied and bellies happy, off we went into the sunset.

Francois Pastries
Unit 3, 35 Union St
Pyrmont, NSW 2009


Deborah said...

Your pictures are beautiful and Yummy as well...........Thanks for stopping by,
Pastries in the Park, a Food Lover's dream..........

lobstersquad said...

Your photos are so amazing. I can´t believe they´re not taken in a studio. So beatiful

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Jen said...

Stepped in Cupcake Batter- In fact i'm day dreaming of these pastries right now... it was definitely a great find. Thanks for visiting.

Lobstersquad- thank you, I really appreciate your encouragement. Your drawings are amazing themselves.

Puspha- indeed it was!