Saturday, May 13, 2006

In Praise of Yoghurt


When it comes to yoghurt I am quite promiscuous. I have never stuck to one particular brand of yoghurt for any period of time because I was always under the impression that there were better yoghurts out there. So for years I have only struck meaningless short-term relationships with any particular brand of yoghurt. You could say I was a bit of a yoghurt tart, trivially looking for the next kind to satisfy my appetite only to discard the empty tubs looking down at them with disdain. Aside from eating yoghurt for its health benefits I never really liked it, most tasted either too acidic or too sweet, I never found the one that was just the right combination. Other than fulfilling my recommended daily intake of calcium, it had to be delicious, velvety in texture and also not look like an eleven-month old infant had regurgitated it. You might say it is too much to ask but nevertheless I am asking.

However, I am pleased to announce that at long last I have finally found myself in a monogamous relationship with one, yes only one brand of yoghurt. It's an All Natural Yoghurt (full fat of course) from the Barambah Organics range. I have never tasted yoghurt this creamy; also it doesn’t have that extremely tart taste that most unsweetened yoghurts have. As you can see below all the ingredients are natural and it contains five different live cultures! This is as pure as yoghurt can get; as far as im concerned. Barambah also make organic bush honey and strawberry yoghurt, but I still prefer the plain All Natural one as that you can add whatever you fancy be it fruit, muesli or a drizzle of maple syrup.

Barambah Organics also sell other great dairy products such as Quark (similar to cottage cheese), brie, feta and unhomogenised milk. Check out this article by SMH Good Living extolling the goodness of Barambah dairy products.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried Greek yoghurt? It's beyond has about 10% fat. It's very good but obviously not very good for your waistline ;)

Jen said...

Hi Linda, yes Greek yoghurt is delicious, Barambah also make great Greek yoghurt, although I probably wouldn't have it everyday. As you said its beyond full fat!! I like to have it as a dip and with curries though.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree. I don't like yoghurt and rarely eat it. But I do enjoy (ENJOY - not just tolerate) Barambah products. Interestingly, I have a nasty reaction to supermarket milk, but I can drink Barambah's un-tampered with milk.
I will let you know that hubby works for them. But if/when he leaves in the future we will continue to buy their products.