Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Cupcakes


There is nothing like baking something where one of your ingredients is love. Somehow it manages to taste that little bit sweeter, no doubt the two cups of sugar help the cause, but nonetheless love is the essential ingredient in all good food. These cupcakes were for one of my best friends, she's the one that you would refer to as one of your "bestest" friends, no superlatives could match how good of a friend she is. She's the kind of friend where every awesome, hilarious, sad and shocking memory you have somehow includes her. As far as girlfriends go we are tight.

These cupcakes were for her birthday and I took the recipe from Cupcake Queen's, 52 Cupcakes. They were Magnolia Bakery's famed Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting. I was surprised at how easy it was to make seeing as the end result looked quite impressive. The only problem I had was getting the colours of the icing right. Possibly my brand of food colouring was not concentrated enough. I wasn't really going for lilac and teal but that's what I got. I wanted to have baby pink and aqua but I guess they looked okay, edible at the least. I'm just glad that they didn't turn out a greyish-green colour that would probably render them visually detestable, and we all know that cupcakes are all about aesthetics. Nonetheless I packed them all up for their unveiling in front of the birthday girl plus other girlfriends and they were received with much praise. I must warn you though; excessive quantities of sugar plus females are a precarious combination. Minutes after eating these cupcakes women were literally crawling up the walls and swinging off the proverbial chandelier. So take heed.




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LOOKS YUMMY.. thanks for sharing, Amy