Sunday, April 20, 2008


Bliss in a box

Don't be alarmed, I am still alive. Although, I've been experiencing the giddy highs related to the consumption of too many Adriano Zumbo pastries.

As cramped and as hole-in-the-wall his shop may be, people flock and people queue, in single file, just to be able to get to the front of the line to tell that person behind the immaculately styled glass counter what fares you are after. Usually it's a little piece of this and that, or perhaps a splurge on a decadent Zumbo dessert or a handful of macaroons if your budget will still allow.

Walk too fast and you will almost miss it, that narrow, unassuming little piece of real estate on Balmain's Darling St. Walk too slow and you might not get there in time as the place is almost always cleaned out before close. You might be stuck with a quiche or a plain brioche if your not hasty, not that these aren't worthy, but the real spectacle are his speciality desserts, tarts and macaroons that change every now and then. The stuff way down the back of the shop, that's what the mob's all after.

I've long been touting Balmain as a food lover's mecca, pastries, breads, butchers, cafes and gourmet stores line it's main street and it's a wonder why they have only just decided to capitalise on all its gastronomic potential. I could literally eat my way through Darling St, and this week you are actually encouraged to. The Balmain Rozelle Food Week starts tomorrow the 21st of April until the 27th of April, so if you are lucky enough to be in Sydney, then head over down Victoria Rd or over the Anzac bridge and make your way down Darling St, sampling the finest fare these providores have to offer.

If you are interested in this event then download the whole program by clicking here.

And in case you were wondering what I got from Adriano Zumbo, there were the mandarin and chocolate macaroons. Worth their weight in edible gold leaf, oh boy were they good! And a Miss Marple, which is a crepe shaped into a cup filled with mascarpone creme, strawberries, oranges and some Grand Marnier topped with a glorious sugar lid. It's art you can eat.

Have a great week guys and and I hope to be back blogging with something almost as delicious very soon.


Anonymous said...

i absolutley love macarons,they are so delicate and so very pretty.I also love the quality of interesting food on this blog. JenJen although i do not know, has always shown me interesting food.Im off to Zumbo for tasty treats.

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Glad to know you're still alive and well, JenJen; AND that you're enjoying such delicious treats!! :0)

EvaAmarri said...

hey love ur blog. I'm adding u to my links. hope u do the same

Cannelle Et Vanille said...

gorgeous packaging! i just posted about my macarons too!

Aimée said...

Mandarin and chocolate? All of a sudden I feel very uncontented. I should be sampling one of those macaroons right now...Consider yourself very fortunate!

OohLookBel said...

The rose and raspberry macarons are my favorite. They are so delicate that you have to make yourself nibble them in a ladylike manner (haha, as if!)

spicyicecream said...

goodness! I was just at Zumbo on Wednesday. I loved the macarons and the pretty passionfruit tartlet, but my photos didn't do them justice.

Half Baked said...

Your a lucky gal!

aforkfulofspaghetti said...

My, my - that 'Miss Marple' sounds quite wonderful. If only Sydney weren't quite so far away from London, UK!

Jen said...

Dr Gary Martin- It's hard not to love macarons, they are just irresistible. Thanks.

VeggieGirl- Thanks, yeah sometimes it's hard to keep up the blogging when there's so much eating to be had and so little time to write about it.

Fashion Ivy- Thank you!

Aran- Yeah your macarons look amazing. And at least you can say that you made them yourself.

Aimee- Oh I wish everyone could get a little morsel of everything in that shop.

Belle- I have yet to try the rose macarons. Although by the look of it, you have sampled almost everything in the shop! My goodness, that's what I call devotion.

Lisa- Yeah I've tried the passion fruit tartlet, it's beautiful!

Half Baked- Thanks, I cosider my self lucky too.

Aforkfulofspaghetti- Oh I'm sure there is a patisserie in London that is just as good. Well, I am sure hoping there is, because I will making my way there later this year!

Anonymous said...

Sounds heavenly. I can't wait to get home to try this! the sugar lid looks outstanding!

Unknown said...

you guys must try elsylee's cookies. they are amazing