Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mad About You

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Yay Pie! and Hooray for Bananas! blogger Ames has generously presented me with the Yummy Blog Award, and I graciously accept! Thanks so much Ames for the honour and my first duty as the newest inductee into the Yummy Blog hall of fame is to dub another yummy blogger with the award. I guess it's a sort of pay it forward system in the blog world.

The Yummy Blog Award is a hard one give away, where do I start, there's a plethora of yummy blogs out there and many worthy of being awarded. It's almost as hard as picking what I'm going to wear every morning so I thought I would give it a couple of days of thought. So after a few days it wasn't hard to finally settle on this particular blog, one that I have only recently discovered, but have instantly loved.

I am passing on the Yummy Blog Award to Karen the Mad Baker, she proclaims to be mad about pastry, cakes and all things baked and I have to say I cannot find any evidence to the contrary. Her sweet concoctions are so enticing and I don't think anyone out there can ice a cookie as well as she does (I'm insanely jealous). So instead of trying to beat her at her own game I thought that I would just honour her with an award that she more than deserves.

And if you happen to live in Singapore then you are in luck, Karen takes orders for her scrumptious cakes. And if you ever doubted how yummy she actually is, well she's all booked out this Christmas. So you have to satiate your curiosity for her cakes in the next year.

Congratulations Mad Baker!


Wicked Good Dinner said...

Congrats!! How neat!

ames said...

Believe me, lady, you deserve it!!

Now I'm going to go drool all over my keyboard while going through the Mad Baker's blog :)

daphne said...

congrats!! U deserve this!