Friday, December 15, 2006

Placing Value Upon Humanity: Menu of Hope

Menu For Hope Logo

Even in this busy season I pray we find the time to geneorusly open our wallets and put our goodwill into action. The Menu of Hope is now on until December 22nd and here is your chance to help feed another person.

If you live within the Asia-Pacific region, Helen of Grab Your Fork has all the detals here on how to donate and what prizes you are up for. If you are not so lucky to be within the Asia-Pacific region then here are the people who are hosting in your neck of the woods, they will know all about how you can donate and what prizes are on offer in your area:

CANADA: Jasmine from Cardamom Addict
David Lebovitz from
Melissa de Leon from The Cooking Diva
Adam from The Amateur Gourmet
Sam from Becks and Posh
US (the rest):
Kalyn from Kalyn's Kitchen

Thank you and wish you all the best in the raffle!

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Unknown said...

Thanks for helping publicize the event. It's exciting how much money is being raised.