Monday, September 18, 2006

Weekend Snapshots: Sydney Fish Markets

Fishing Boat at Sydney Fish Market

My body had gone far too long without its daily recommended intake of Vitamin-D, so G felt a sense of duty to take me out for a weekend of sunshine and shopping. After already braving the masses at both Glebe and Bondi markets, we decided to make a trifecta of it and defy all better judgement and head to the throng-infested Sydney Fish Markets.

Now to be utterly cliché, Sydney Fish Market is an institution, almost like a rite of passage to experiencing quintessential Sydney. Being surrounded by such a beautiful and bountiful harbour, it is only natural that Sydney should boast one of the world’s largest fish markets. With a range of seafood only second to those of Japan’s markets, the SFM is a mandatory visit not only for tourists but for Sydneysiders alike. Just make sure you don’t come on Christmas Eve, there is no guaranteeing you getting in or out, for that matter.

Crowds at Sydney Fish Market

Unlike the weekend of torrential rain and gale force winds we just had, this weekend was the polar opposite; sunshine abounded and not a drop of rain was to be found. Unfortunately when the weather is good, you and the rest of Sydney will decide to head out and enjoy every last bit of it, so not only was the sun out, but everyone else was too. As one who is vehemently allergic to crowds and prone to adverse fits of irritation when it comes to enduring them, I was reluctant in making our way to the markets. You might think, hey these are only fish makets, how crowded can they be? Do not be deceived, these crowds can get to Disneyland proportions and when there are immensely hungry people in the mix, this can become a cockatil for disater. So all I am saying is there will be lots of people, beware before you go for a visit and get flustered by the amount of shuffling and waiting you will be doing.

Crowds considered, the prospect of getting my hands on some fresh fish and my favourite, fried whitebait, was much too strong to disregard. Giving into my crowd-repulsion, paid off when we finally got our hands on the hot little fishies!

(Sorry there are no photos of fresh fish here, I wasn’t going to be coaxed indoors when the sun was out and spring weather was flaunting its very best.)

Fried Whitebait at Sydney Fish Market

Whitebait, I think are so cute, and there is something terribly unnerving about finding pleasure in eating them. Albeit their visual charm did not surpass their gastronomic appeal, and my appetite.

Pan Fried Salmon at Sydney Fish Market

Pan fried Salmon with salad

Seafood Basket at Sydney Fish Market

More whitebait... this came with the seafood basket, the calamari, prawns, fish cocktails, baby octupus, mussels, scallops and fish were all underneath.

Sydney Fish Market

The pelican and seagulls, getting a free feed.

Crowds eating at Sydney Fish Market

The ravenous crowd

Pyrmont Bridge from Sydney Fish Market

The view

Ibis at ydney Fish Market

An Ibis cunningly peruses the scene from atop a fish truck.

Buoy at Sydney Fish Market

Located at Bank St, Pyrmont, on the Blackwattle Bay foreshore, the Sydney Fish Markets are open everyday from 7:00am, except on Christmas Day.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to see an Australian food blogger up there with the best internationally: your writing and photographs are simply beautiful.

I have never tried whitebait, but next time I go to Sydney (I'm a Brisbanite), I must make sure to visit the fish markets! It all looks delicious, even with the side-dish of elbowing crowds.


Anonymous said...

Looks stunning, glad to see that you enjoyed the stellar weekend weather! Mmm, that fried whitebait looks totally tempting!

Bonnie said...

I can just see the 'Australian Light' in all your photos! Kinda makes me miss home a bit...

wheresmymind said...

Shame on me for being a food shut in on Sunday when it was so nice

Anonymous said...

I love getting fried fish baskets down by the fish markets. Yum.

Anonymous said...

How funny is this JenJen I was there at the weekend too. I must have been there at exactly the same time as you because we have almost identical photos of the people eating with a woman in a blue top close to the camera. We will definitely have to meet up :)

ilingc said...

Oh! I'm going to be in Sydney this weekend and SFM is definitely a stopping point. Hope the weather holds this weekend.

I must go hunt for the whitebait, the last time I was there I didn't see any.

Anonymous said...

weird jenjen, I was at the markets on the weekend too...very jealous that I didn't get myself some of that whitebait

Anonymous said...

These pictures are gorgeous! What a blue! Makes me envious!

Jen said...

Amber- thanks so much!
Definitely brave the crowds and make a stop at the fish markets if you can, it's one of the best ways to capture Sydney, other than going to the Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

Ellie- yes that weekend weather was superb, hope it continues on to this weekend. I don't know about Melb, but here in Sydney it is getting very warm.

Bonnie- there was certainly a lot of light on that day, I'm glad you got to experince a little bit of home through the photos.
I really want those who have never been here to fall in love with our wonderful city

Wheresmymind- don't worry that was me for the last week. I blame it on the food processor.

Peabody- there's nothing like getting it fresh from the markets!

Audrey- I saw your photos and we must have been in very close proximity to each other as that we do have the same shots! Wow. It's just too bad we don't know each other, we could have had a grand time!

Ilingc- by the looks of it, the weather should be great. Hope you get to have some whitebait and hope you have a blast in Sydney this weekend.

Jules- that is so funny, now I know there were at least two other bloggers there. I was wondering to myself if there were any others and I guess there were! It was the perfect day for the markets wasn't it.

Helene- it's all a plot to get you to come to Australia and bring me some of your wonderful brioche and madeleines!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenjen - it must be a fantastic place to go at weekends, I'm already dreaming to visit there some time...