Thursday, September 28, 2006

Airing grievances and Graham Cracker Sandwiches

Graham Crackers with Mascarpone Cheese Filling

I don't normally make snide comments towards other people; I am usually a kind person. However yes, I can be a little judgemental at times and I am capable of making snide remarks about others but forgive me, I am after all human and female. I am certain that there must be some unidentified gene built into the female DNA to compare and judge others, especially fellow females. So I apologise now if I offend anyone, but I must get this off my chest; confessing is the only way I can allow myself to move on from this one peeve that has irritated me for years.

The thing that has always irked me a great deal are women who wear incapacitating shoes. I mean, for the love of Manolo Blahniks, please stop! Now this is coming from a girl who loves her shoes; the kind of love that knows no monetary bounds and the kind of love that causes you to lose all financial self-control. As one who has worn and traversed many a footpath in anything between ballet flats to stilettos and as one who has learned her lesson after being beset with blisters, I don’t know why women still walk around in debilitating footwear. Now this is nothing against stilettos or anything over three inches; I am quite short so I will take every inch I can get but if you can’t run from a gun-wielding manic on the streets in your stilettos, please don’t wear them. Consider something with less altitude.

If you are thinking this is coming very left-field; yes it is. And some might be under the impression that the only reason this blog exists is to facilitate and air my vexations. well yes, there might be some shred of truth to that but usually most of my complaints are accompanied by pretty pictures of food so really what are you complaining about? So yes I am talking about incapacitating shoes but here are some photos of cookie sandwiches, happy?

Graham Crackers with Vanilla Mascarpone Cheese Filling

Back to the shoes- this is how the whole matter exploded and came to be poured out onto this unsuspecting blog (and audience). I was running late for work and was hurtling in and out of traffic making some really good time considering I was already a good fifteen minutes late. I reached a traffic light and the light turned green, so of course speeding off was the only thing on my mind. But to my intense frustration I could not go because a woman carrying two full bags of groceries had decided that she would cross the street, in the middle of a green-light. Not only did she cross in mid-green (for motorists) and during peak hour traffic, she also took her sweet time.

It appears that crossing the road carrying two bags of groceries whilst wearing a pair of wedges only permitted her the slow gait of a kimono-clad Geisha. So not only was she crossing the road at the most inopportune time but she was also wearing footwear that was severely inhibiting the length of her stride. I don’t know if she just didn’t have the adeptness or dexterity to walk in those shoes but please do not wear shoes with a high difficulty rating while shopping for groceries, particularly if you are planning on walking home. You will not only imperil yourself but also impede the people around you. So please women (and perhaps some men) I ask you, I even beseech you to consider common sense when it comes to footwear. You will not only save yourself some time but also help others not to be so late.

Graham Crackers with Mascarpone Cheese Filling

It seems that shoes and cookies are a recurring theme on this blog but now that I have aired my grievances and hopefully saved a lot of people from seeking the services of a chiropractor, I will move on to the cookies. Just like shoes, I have this thing for cookies, especially when transformed into a cookie sandwich it becomes a double delight. Lately I have found myself searching the archives of this incredible blog and using it as a resource for unique and classic recipes. So understandably when I found a post about Heidi’s nostalgic longings for Graham Crackers in her archives I knew I had to try them immediately.

The recipe does require some time to complete as that the dough needs to rest in the fridge and there is quite a bit of rolling, shaping, cutting and pricking that needs to be done to the cookie dough before they go into the oven, but if time is in your favour do give this recipe a try. I started off making rectangular ones, although they turned into these amoeba-like figures so I used a round crinkle cutter instead. The results were much more favourable using the cookie cutter but I think this is just because I couldn't cut straight rectangular shapes.

Heidi’s grandmother’s Graham Crackers were filled with cream cheese frosting, although right now I have this fixation on mascarpone cheese, so I replaced the cream cheese with mascarpone. This variation still worked well and they still tasted divine. Now I feel I must warn you, these cookies are fairly heavy duty especially when they are filled, so don’t go too gung-ho on them as you might feel very ill afterwards. This is the time to apply the adage less is more. After one or perhaps two cookies they are the perfect way to satisfy a sweet tooth, so make sure you share the rest of them, the recipe yields enough for a small army. With a hot cup of thick creamy hot chocolate, these cookies sandwiches are a luxurious treat for the senses.

Graham Crackers with Mascarpone Cheese Filling


Anonymous said...

Stunning, tempting pictures, as always. I saw these on your Flickr last weekend, a read the entirety of your archives looking for the recipe. How funny it was that I already had the same one bookmarked from Heidi! Patience is not my virtue.

And hear, hear on the immobilizing shoes. It's why I get my favorite heels from comfort-brands.

wheresmymind said...

I'll try not to wear my cute stilettos if we ever meet! ;)

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you why you women wear them... because they're sexay ! End of story... And while you were getting all antsy as this chick staggered across the road...the guys in the cars next to you were thinking... "Why hello there... sexy limping girl", and thus summarises the great paradox that is fashion.

Also, nice cookies. I always thought they were called "Gram" crackers, and assumed it was because they weighed a gram each... but then Americans don't really use grams because apparently the metric system was too hard... but then they also can't pronounce Graham (Gray-um) properly. No wonder my childhood was so confusing...

Brilynn said...

Those look really good, I definitely wouldn't be able to stop at just one or two... and yes, I would regret it after.
As for the shoes- I never leave home in anything but my runners, I will never be that girl who is in the way and making people late, you know the one.

Gattina Cheung said...

you took gorgeous photos!!! And I can see you spent extra effort in styling the food, superb!

Anonymous said...

I hardly ever wear heels anymore.
Those sandwiches sound so good....oh how I hate being on a diet.

Anonymous said...

That filling sounds wonderful. I love mascarpone cheese and need an excuse to eat it more often. And I totally agree about the shoes. Why do people wear things that they cannot function well in or that are completely uncomfortable and expensive? I just don't get it.

Alpineberry Mary said...

I've been hoping to make my own graham crackers but the recipe in Martha's Baking Book calls for graham flour. I don't need another kind of flour in my pantry! So thank you pointing me to a recipe w/o special ingredients.

Cute, sexy shoes are great, but definitely not for grocery shopping.

Unknown said...

Such pretty array of cookies. I love how you get each one of uniform thickness. Jen, you're amazing! =)

Orchidea said...

I would like to have some... they look really good!

Anonymous said...

Graham cracker sandwiches with mascarpone cheese: Yes! Yes! YES!

Uncomfortable shoes: hell no!

Anonymous said...

As a fellow vertically challenged shoe lover, I could never say no to an aesthetically pleasing yet impractical shoe, but would certainly draw the line at going grocery shopping in them! :)

Anonymous said...

The photos are simply beautiful. The recipe ,as well, looks luscious and perfect for a little break!

Jen said...

Deb- yes it took a while before I actually posted this one.

Comfortable heels... when you find them you stick to them.

wheresmymind- that's a deal, but if you really want to I won't judge you : )

Matt- I totally agree that heels are sexy, but when you are out grocery shopping I still wouldn't recommend it. Even for it's sexy factor. And this lady was wearing wedges, which are really nowhere near as sexy as stiletto-type heels.

And Graham Crackers, I actually never heard of until happening upon them on Heidi's blog. It's definitely an American thing, we would never name a cracker after anyone called Graham or Gram for that matter. Hope this post cleared up some misconceptions from childhood.

Brilynn- it was definitely hard to stop at one, but after two you will certainly feel the effects!!

Gattina- thanks so much. As for the styling, I was just winging it so I'm glad it worked well.

Peabody- Perhaps having one cookie wouldn't hurt the diet, would it? Sorry i shouldn't be tempting you : ) Good luck with the diet.

Natalia- right now my obsession is mascarpone so you will probably see more of it on the blog!

As for shoes, I can do expensive, but never uncomfortable.

Mary- Graham flour... I have never encountered the stuff. You have made me curious about it now. Will have to do some research. I have never taste Graham crackers before so I am not sure if using plain flour makes any difference as opposed to graham flour.

Jacely- thanks, a flexible spatula knife made it easier to slather the icing on. It's a great kitchen gadget, especially for cookie sandwiches.

Orchidea- try them and I am sure that you will definitely love them.

Julie- ditto, ditto, ditto : )

Y- it's just plain wrong isn't it. Heels are great but never when grocery shopping. Unless you are planning on suing your local grocer, because those floors can get pretty slippery.

Noemie- they were actually taken to work for a morning tea snack and it was perfect.

lobstersquad said...

Beatiful! Probably not a great idea to eat them and then perch on high heels, but then, I´m a lazy trainers wearing person.
I could KILL people who cross at the wrong time and don´t run, btw.

Anonymous said...

Those are so beautiful! And I love that mug/bowl.

I'm very into mascarpone, too, so I can't wait to try this recipe out.

ilingc said...


did anyone beep her? as someone who also drives to work i can understand how frustrating it is when someone crosses the rd when the light's green.. just because they feel like it.

ps. mascarpone cheese and hug mugs rocks! :)

Anonymous said...

ahah, very very funny JenJen! I loved the story and those cookies yum yum, as always!