Thursday, August 10, 2006

Citrus Covered: Rosey Red Oranges

Rosy Red Navel Oranges

Ever since that faithful rainy day when I decided to abandon the snugness of my doona and make the sleepy trek to Pyrmont Grower’s Market, I haven’t been able keep my mouth shut. About what? Well, about these oranges. Rosey Reds are my new citrus love. And yes, I admit, I am overtly passionate about lots of other foods, namely chocolate, pastries and cookies; however being the fickle foodie that I am, I have fleetingly turned my affections elsewhere. So for the time being, my next few posts are going to involve this beautiful fruit.

What say you are so special about Rosey Reds? Well, you will just have to taste them for yourself. There is no benefit in me providing you with an inextricably verbose description of how wonderful it tastes when the best thing to do is to sample it for yourself. If Rosey Reds are not available where you are from, then my oh my, what a quandary you are in. I will pity you for a moment but then I will proceed in continuing to gorge on my stash of oranges. You are probably thinking, you heartless glutton; and although I am truly apologetic for the lack of sympathy on my part, when it comes to citrus and especially these oranges it is each man/woman for themselves.

Okay, before I resume my citrus binge (and boast), here are some facts about Rosey Reds (courtesy of the little information ticket found in my bag of oranges):

· Rosey Reds flesh gets their vibrant red colour from the presence of Lycopene; a powerful cancer fighting antioxidant also abundant in tomatoes.
· Possesses a unique sweet strawberry-zing flavour, and tastes unlike any other orange.
· Its low acidity not only enhances its eating flavour, but is also great for people who suffer from acid reflux or are not tolerant of highly acidic foods.
· Available in Australia from June to September.
· Rich in Vitamin C.
· High in soluble fibre.
· A great source of potassium and magnesium.
· And thanks to
Helen, I also know that Rosey Reds are cross breed of Navel oranges and Ruby Grapefruit


Unknown said...

You crazy. It's all about blood oranges.

wheresmymind said...

Hrm...I'll have to do some veggie snoopin' to see if I can find these :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful!
...wonder if I can find those in Sweden... :-S

Julia said...

haha, I don't think you're a heartless glutton at all - of course I know rosey reds and they’re indeed so extremely delicious!
Luckily we have them as well here in Holland...
I love them for breakfast with some thick yoghurt.
Really looking forward to your RRR! (Rosey Reds Recipes...) =)

Vintage Wine said...

They look delicious :-)
I love fruits, especially more exotic ones!

Jen said...

Garret- blood oranges are so yesterday, rosey reds are the new 'it' citrus. But don't get me wrong I still love blood oranges : )

wheresmymind- if we get them down here, im sure you guys will too.

asa- good luck! I'm pretty sure you will find them in Sweeden as they are fairly prolific.

Julia- oh that's great... I must try them with some yoghurt as well.

I'm liking your little alliteration going there...RRR.

Vintage Wine- yes, it is exciting when you find a fruit that is different from your ordinary ones.

Alpineberry Mary said...

You've talked me into it. I gotta go find some around here and taste it for myself! I hope I can locate some.

tytty said...

everything on your blog looks yummy and sounds even yummier with your description.

i look at the oranges, and go awww mannn, why can't they have the pyrmont market more often? i want those oranges

Sara said...

Well, I guess I am in a quandry. We don't get fun stuff like that around here.