Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Methinks, that I should say Thanks.


She’s not just a pretty blog...

I was delightedly surprised when I chanced upon a post by Megan of Chez Mégane that tagged this blog, among other illustrious ones, with the Thinking Blogger Award. Like I said, I was delighted, however quite amazed and very thankful for the nod. I commented on Megan’s post that I never thought that my musings, or should I say ramblings about food, and on occasion life in Sydney would ever be considered thoughtful. I don’t particularly aim to instigate thought; usually what appears on the blog is a written up version of the verbal diarrhoea that goes on in my brain.

Nonetheless, I am very honoured and thankful that Megan would choose me. And in the spirit if the award, here are four other blogs that I always come away from, thinking. I am a visual person, so it makes perfect sense to me that some of these blogs have a visual or photographic element.

Aside from food, I love clothes. I know that not all women love to shop, but I happen to belong to the majority who do. With his simplistic yet artful photography style, the Sartorialist, Scott Schuman, combines voyeurism with fashion. I love looking at what people are wearing on the streets and each picture, although not always captioned comes with a story of it own all told through fashion.

And I love that Mr. Schuman has the courage to go up to people and ask to take their photograph. I get very self conscious just taking photographs at the markets, let alone having to ask people to pause for a photo.

2. NORDLJUS Photoblog
If you hail from the food blogging community, then this blog will most certainly be one you are familiar with. Keiko who is at the helm of Nordljus also has a photography blog that isn’t just about food. Keiko’s photos are so inspiring and so awe-striking that I am always challenged, inspired and put to shame by her talent. Her photography always leaves me in a pensive state of mind that makes me long for faraway shores. If you want to be transported then take yourself to this blog and ponder over the beauty of her photographs.

This blog covers everything from politics to poetry and sport to philosophy with a little bit of humour thrown in. I admit, I don’t check Phil's blog very often although whenever I do venture back there’s always a backlog of posts waiting to amuse and provoke me. So I spend hours poring over his musings on pretty much anything and everything.

I hate cats, with a passion, so I cannot explain why I get a kick out of this site but I do. It probably isn’t the first blog to come to mind for initiating thought, but I actually do come away from it thinking about how those wretched cats suckered me into visiting the site again. They also have a sister site called Stuff on my Mutt, for those who prefer canines.


Andreea said...

how lovely to discover your blog. love it :) (through DMBLGIT)

Anonymous said...

Congratluations! Your blog has brought many a reflective moment into my life, your posts always make me smile or look at food in a new way. :) And now I'm off to go discover the sites you listed!

Ari (Baking and Books)

Cookie baker Lynn said...

You certainly deserve it - you have a lovely blog with many ponderific moments. I checked out your links and enjoyed them as well.

wheresmymind said...

Congrats cool kid! Catz are pretty much evil as far as I'm concerned ;)